Fusteel Group
A leading steel mill
Since 1991

Fusteel is one of the leading special steel bar manufacturers in the world, who devote ourselves to promote the application of super reinforcement bar.

Rich supply reference and production experience


Years of experience

One-stop solution for concrete steel

Fusteel was founded in the year 1991 in China. We have 880 employees and operate business in more than 70 countries and regions of the world. Our annual production and processing capacity is over 2 million tons, of which the high alloy special steel bar is more than 500,000 tons, ranking first in the world.

Rongbing Wu

Domestic sales manager

Fusteel, together with our global partners, has served more than 1000,000 key projects. As a leading steel bar manufacturer in China, we offer products with guaranteed quality.

Mingcai Xu

International sales manager

Experiencing dream way of 27 years, Fusteel dedicates to becoming world-class enterprise for long steel bar, overcoming countless obstacles and temptation.

Yuhua Zhang

Purchasing manager

Fusteel advocates openness, cooperation, win-win with users and common growth with suppliers. The manufacturing service model we have created provides the opportunity for the domestic leading special steel producers to optimize their production capacity.

Yiming Tang

Human resource manager

We adhere to the concept of People-oriented, Achievement Sharing, attach importance to employee responsibility evaluation, improve the career value of employees and build a creative work environment.


Master Chef

As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘body is iron, rice is steel’, which means eating is the top priority of human life, you can’t live without eating. If you want to forge excellent steel products, to satisfy the stomach of employees should come to the first. Fusteel is not only proud of its high quality steel products but also of the variety of delicious Chinese cuisines Mater Mr.3 welcomes all of you to take a bite of Fusteel.