Fusteel Group
A leading steel mill
Since 1991

Fusteel is one of the leading special steel bar manufacturers in the world. We devote ourselves to promote the application of super reinforcement bar.

Rich supply reference and production experience


Years of experience

One-stop solution for concrete steel

Fusteel was founded in the year 1991 in China. We have 880 employees and operate business in more than 70 countries and regions of the world. Our annual production and processing capacity is over 2 million tons, of which the high alloy special steel bar is more than 500,000 tons, ranking first in the world.

We, Insist

Create value for customers

Over the past 27 years, Fusteel, together with our global partners, has served more than 100,000 key projects like China’s high-speed rail, world’s super airports, sea bridges, nuclear power plants, wind power plants and automotive industry. We have grown from a local company in Zhejiang to a member of the world community. Based on the principle of putting the customer’s interests in the first priority, we gradually transformed to special steel business. Fast reactive, down-to-earth, telling the truth, performing real deeds is always our hospitality.

Promote the benign development of the industry

Fusteel advocates openness, cooperation, win-win with users and common growth with suppliers. The manufacturing service model we have created not only provides the opportunity for the domestic leading special steel producers to optimize their production capacity, but also provides the technology and research platform for a large number of special steel startups by our big heat treatment database. We provide competitive products and solutions, explore cutting-edge global technology and practical experience, and create a healthy industrial ecology based on sharing the inspiration when collaborating with upstream and downstream.

Fulfill our social responsibility

We have set up nearly stringent emission requirements to ensure the use of sustainable energy conservation technologies to reduce carbon emissions. We adopted solar energy as the main energy for deep processing business. The steam produced in the hot rolling could be used continuously. We use environmental protection technology to create profit. Fusteel not only brings direct tax and employment contribution to its community but also forms regional industrial linkage. Over the past decade, fusteel has funded thousands of poor families to allow their children to finish their study. We are extremely concerned about primary education in the community and hope that every child will receive a good education. We not only set up mutual aid fund for our difficult employees, but also set up many charitable funds to carry out their mission behind the scenes.

Provide stage for those who want to fight

We adhere to the concept of People-oriented, Achievement Sharing, attach importance to employee responsibility evaluation, improve the career value of employees and build a creative work environment. We not only pay attention to the income of talents, but also respect every dedicated staff for their contribution to the great rejuvenation of our country. We are fully concerned about the occupation health and safety producing, give every striver a future vision to see the world’s changes, give them the chance to take the great responsibility, give them the confidence to achieve dreams by grasping the opportunity of the times.