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As one of the leading manufacturers of special steel in China and the main propagator of duplex stainless steel in global construction market, we keep dedicating ourselves to re-defining Super Construction Long Products.
Fusteel is the industrial flagship corporation under Fugang Group, founded in China,1991. We have an annual producing and deep processing capacity of 2 million metric tons. Besides, we are holding multiple businesses including international trading, logistics, bank investment, etc. As a leading steel bar manufacturer in China, we offer products with guaranteed quality and reasonable price, pay attention to end users’ experience, at the same time, keep improving product performance.

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Few facts about our company

One stop solution
one stop slution

One-stop solution for concrete steel

Fusteel is concentrating on omnibearing solution for concrete construction. Based on the development and optimization of usage, we offer caps, sleeves, dowel bar, basket and other various products, which can optimize the purchasing plan, cut purchasing costs, heighten the work efficiency.

Accelerated delivery

Because we are a steel manufacturer and, what’s more, a responsive global steel manufacturer. We can save much logistics and processing time, due to our elaborately designed industry integration. We lunched speed service, helping us deliver to main ports in the world in a short time.

Rich supply record and production experience

Prompted by a 30-year production and supply experience of rebar, we fully understand the requirements of National large-scale infrastructure construction. Our carbon steel rebars are used in China’s newly built bridges, harbors, docks and high-speed rails.

Mill direct sale

We are the unique steel mill, who are concentrating on steel deep-processing in China. Therefore, our clients can get the most straightforward price and distinct customized service.

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Fusteel Group focuse on epoxy coated rebar and stainless steel bar technology R & D and producing, to serve super projects.

Our supplying cases are from North America to northern Europe, from Oceania to the Gulf area. From nuclear power plants to sea crossing bridges, from ports construction toworld's top airports.

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